UPSaclay (coordinator partner) is a top research university in France. The scientific coordinator is Dr. Sahar HOTEIT, associate professor at Paris Saclay University/CentraleSupélec working in the Network, Optimization and Source Coding team of Laboratoire des Signaux et Systèmes. She has co-led activities on C-RAN scheduling in the STC (Services de Télécoms et Cloud) project, in the frame of IRT SystemX ecosystem, in collaboration with HEIDIS’s Orange members, which form the starting background that led to the definition of the HEIDIS research agenda. The involved permanent staff includes experts in radio access networks (S. Hoteit, V. Vèque) and experts in smart-grid infrastructures (M. Kieffer, A. Iovine).

UPSaclay participants: Sahar HOTEIT (PI, project coordinator), Véronique VEQUE, Michel KIEFFER, Alessio IOVINE.

The Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers is a doctoral degree-granting education establishment and Grande Ecole in engineering dedicated to providing education and conducting research for the promotion of science and industry. Its computer science and communications department CEDRIC is internationally recognized as a leading research institute. CNAM participate with members from its novel ROC research team. The involved members have a long experience in both national and international collaborative research projects. CNAM will contribute on multi-resource allocation, virtual network management and orchestration algorithms, as well as analytical modeling and performance evaluation.

CNAM participants: Stefano SECCI (PI), Selma BOUMERDASSI, Sami  TAKTAK

Orange is a world’s leading telecommunications and global IT services provider. Orange’s researchers explore technological breakthroughs, new uses and innovative business models. In this sense, Orange is a major actor in the networking Open Source ecosystem, actively contributing to various open source software initiatives such as ONAP, Acumos, OPNFV, among others and also a founder member and key contributor of the O-RAN Alliance. Orange staff involved in this project has expertise in Radio Access Network (RAN) architecture evolution, openness, and standardization. They are also familiar with network functions virtualization and RAN Softwarization.


EDF is a global utility, leader in low carbon electricity. Among numerous subjects, its R&D is working on how 5G can help to transform utility operations, especially in the Smart Grid domain. A first demo is under test in the H2020 5G-EVE project, focusing on remote communication for grid protections using the 5G technology. A 5G Living lab is now being built in the EDF Lab Saclay facility.

EDF participants:  Vincent AUDEBERT (PI), Quentin DEVISSE, Vincent AUDEBERT (PI), Quentin DEVISSE 

SMILE is a European service provider, with headquarters in France, expert and leader in the integration of Open-Source software solutions for over 30 years. Employing more than 1800 experts in Europe, SMILE supports its customers around for different needs, creating an unequalled, one-stop-shop offer in Europe: Embedded and Internet of Things (IoT), Digital and e-business, Business Apps and Infrastructure. In particular, SMILE ECS develops embedded systems and gateways by carrying out both the electronic design of products and their interconnection with the systems.

SMILE participants: Christophe BRUNSCHWEILER, Guillaume PAQUET, David GARRIOU, Jérémy ROSEN, Patrice FERLET.